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Groundwater in Mining conference

The AIG inaugural Groundwater in Mining conference was held on 2nd May 2014 in Adelaide and attended by 60 people including speakers. The conference program and abstracts, and the presentations (in alphabetical order) may be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Aaron Smith (Heathgate Resources) - 'Production Efficiency and Solution Control In Insitu Recovery Mining'

Aldham Geoscience - 'Hillside Deposit Groundwater Investigations'

Armstrong (Lisdon Associates/AGT) - 'Hydrogeology in Mining'

Baker (Office of Water Science) - 'The Importance of Groundwater Models in Mining: Australian Government Perspective'

Barnett (DEWNR) - 'Groundwater Allocation'

Bekesi (Australian Water Environments) - 'New Regulation for a GAB Groundwater Supply'

Conte (Golder Associates) - 'Where do you start with hydrogeology?'

Davidge (Santos) - 'A comparison of groundwater issues between mining and CSG industry'

Groundwater In Mining - Conference Abstracts and Program

Hall (RPS) - 'Mine Dewatering and Depressurisation - getting it right, and what happens when we don't'

Heinson (University of Adelaide) - 'Geophysical Methods for Water Exploration'

Howe (Jacobs/SKM) - 'The Use of Geophysical Surveys and Modelling for Mine Water Supply Development - Challenger Gold Mine Case Study'

Martin (Australian Groundwater Technologies) - 'Managed Aquifer Recharge in Mining'

Puhalovich (Golder Associates) - 'Impacts of mining on groundwater dependent eco-systems and groundwater quality'

Tyler (BHP Billiton) - 'Water in Mining'

Van Den Akker (Australian Groundwater Technologies) - ' Mine Impact Assessment by Groundwater Modelling'

Wohling (DEWNR) -'Progress - Arckaringa and Pedirka Basins Groundwater Assessment'

Wohling (DEWNR) Pedirka - 3D Reader