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Groundwater Modelling

Groundwater models are tools for guiding management decisions. The models summarise available information and test the current understanding of a site against real data. They can be used to better understand groundwater processes and to gauge the impact of different management options. They can indicate where further fieldwork and monitoring are required.

A reliable groundwater model of a site must be solidly based on field data. At AWE, hydrogeologists collaborate closely with modellers to produce high quality models for water resource management, managed aquifer recharge, environmental impact assessment and other purposes.

We are known for developing innovative modelling techniques for special circumstances and for investigating previously overlooked environmental processes. We also advise on the modelling process and conduct independent reviews of others’ models.

We model groundwater flow and transport under saturated and unsaturated conditions, including variable-density flow and transport. We use codes such as MODFLOW, MT3D, Hydrus, SUTRA and PEST, and a range of analytical and computational tools which have been developed in-house.

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Groundwater Modelling

For more information on Groundwater Modelling please contact Andrew Telfer at AWE on (08) 8378 8000