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Salt Interception Schemes

AWE, in supporting the community desire for a restored River Murray, has worked extensively in the field of salt interception.  AWE has developed existing and innovative investigation and assessment techniques that enhance the understanding of groundwater flow processes and informs optimal management practices.

The widely varying natural characteristics and the different causes that drive saline groundwater toward the river has driven the high level of expertise required to ensure that interception schemes are efficient and effective now and for the long-term.  All aspects of the water budget are considered, including vegetation and floodplain processes and flood regime/climate sequencing to ensure that all these aspects of nature’s variability are incorporated in Salt Interception Scheme solutions.

Innovative analytical and numerical modelling of groundwater and surface water flow and salinity regimes are employed to ensure that unknowns and assumptions are constrained within acceptable management risks.  Optimal well-field design, fine-tuned extraction rates and pump scheduling ensure that interception infrastructure and groundwater removal is minimal but salt load prevented from reaching the river maximised.

Benefits from this involvement include the maintenance of lifestyle supporting irrigation activities and a rejuvenation of the natural ecosystems that make the River Murray one of the lifelines of South Australia.

For more information on Salt Interception Schemes please contact Scott Evans at AWE on (08) 8378 8000